Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just rambling thoughts and tags

Just thought i would drop by and leave a few tags.. I still need to do my 6 things...probably on Thursday.. off on that day..more time to think.Iam heading out the door to work and just thought i would share a few things.. some as you see are ac or SAC tags.. few Keith Garvey tubes i wanted to work with hope i do not offend anyone..but as you know i make all sorts of tags.. not just one kind..I do tend to make goth tags.. do not post to many of them. if you all would like to see them just drop me a comment. enough for now hope to see you all in the mail...Juli


Janie said...

Hi Juli. Thank you for the tag for my birthday. It was very pretty. :) Hope all of you are doing good. What are you doing tomorrow... are you off. Give me a call. Might be able to run in tomorrow afternoon?? Love all of you, Janie

Winivere said...

No pressure, Juli, but I am still waiting on your six things. LOL

Winivere said...

Hey Jules, I see time on your entries but no *ates. Where are you?