Monday, February 11, 2008

Moon fairy

hey there everyone.. this is one I did last year. I came acoss this and thought of you guys that like the fairies... just leave me a comment if you want this one... It came out of my older tags.  thanks!   Juli




hey guys... please email me at with tag name eternity in subject line or just leave me a comment!! thanks to all of you for requesting my tags..hugs to all!  Juli






nice matters award!


Thank you Joyce for nomimating me for the cute award... so many people to send this one to.. everyone is so nice.  Just wanted everyone to know!


Sunday, February 3, 2008

back window

if you would like me to tag this for you.please leave me a comment or email me at with tag name back window in subject line. thanks guys!!

Ok guys.... I've been trying new stuff and experimenting.... what do you think. I really don't expect you guys to request this one... just wanted you all to see something different that i have been trying...