Thursday, June 19, 2008

show me you got!

out of all three tag i put on toda. this would be my favorite.. it was fun to do. after my parents 50th this comming jun29.. i will have more time to play around in psp and make something new . I wanted to ad something to my journal so you all would not think i keeled over or  hope you enjoy!



get hot!




this one is NOT my favorite. but i had this tube and wanted to challange myself on how to design it. had to do a aol search for police tape and create a caution sign. debated whether or not i should ad it... but oh well. here it is.







Hey guys these next couple of tags I made a while back. Don't know how good they are but havent had time to maek new ones. here is a few to add to my journal till i can get more time to make more. please leave me a comment.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bates Motel


Here is a cute goth one.. I just had to make this. I could not resist Psycho..hehehe

please leave me a comment if ya like.

Bang Bang!

Hey guys.... sorry gone so long... had something wrong with my photo bucket site. that is where i store my tags... could not get into files. Grrrrrrrr....I'm back in full swing now. I have a few tags I will be adding to my journal hope you all like them.anyway please leave me a comment or a request. thanks for stopping by