Tuesday, November 4, 2008

happy fall and new tags

Hey guys.. Had a day off and thought i would say hello to everyone and offer tags..
If ya see something you like just comment or email me and I will tag for ya..I have more winter/fall tags I am working on so i will be adding them as I go.. not feeling well today..have a bad chest cold and can barely talk and breath.yuck...not to mention my boss is really being a real stinker at work (to say the least) she has been on vacation for a week and yesterday was her first day back... Who ever had the luxury of working with her side by side first,(which was me of coarse..Had to take the blame for everything that went wrong in the store...EVERYTHING... anyway I felt like crap emotionally and physically last night on the way home..just wanted to ball.BUT today is a new day and I wanted to shout out to everyone and offer some tags...Good for the soul anyway thanks for listening...Juli


Janie said...

Wow! Seems like she really takes a lot of time off. Hmmmm bet it is hard to keep still. Hard to do but you know that you are not responsable for everything that goes wrong. Maybe she likes to see you squirm. Just try to play cool with her and let it go over your shoulder... maybe she will see that it does not upset you and she will do a little better. Seems like some people just like to show their POWER!! Hope you are feeling better by now. Love, Janie

ADM DESIGN'S said...

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